Steam Summer Sale 2017, my experience.

I love me a sale, and I’m sure you do too, whether they’re on electronics, clothing or something we can’t help but feel excited about purchasing something that used to cost quite a few pennies for half the price or more,  there’s probably a scientific explanation on why we enjoy it so much, but I’m not here to bore you with scientific facts, I’m here to bore you by talking video games!

Steam sales are probably the biggest sales when it comes to digital media, anything that’s still relevant and wasn’t released so recently is there, with discounts varying from 10% off to 90% off, with huge variety of titles from the 1980’s to today you couldn’t possibly resist the savings.

Ok Enrico, stop building up to whatever you want to talk about and just say it.

My experience on the summer sale this year probably wasn’t the greatest, limiting myself to the 15 BRL that was already on my virtual wallet, I only bought 3 games, out of a 185 wishlist, I think my choices this year weren’t the best, that doesn’t mean the games I bought completely suck, it means I could’he bought them in a different time on a different sale, so without further ado, I’ll talk about my purchases this year.

1. Zuma’s Revenge

I’m a sucker for puzzle games, I love playing Tetris and Bejeweled, so Zuma was a must buy without a doubt, I played it years ago on a friend’s house and we got addicted to it rather quickly, For years I had that game on the back of my head, always remembering the gameplay but not it’s name, that is until it randomly popped up on the Discovery Queue, so I purchased it on this years sale and now I’m addicted to it again…

Would I recommend it? If you enjoy playing puzzle games Zuma is definitely a must have!

2. Poker Night 2

I really want to play Sam & Max games and watch the Evil Dead series and Venture Bros. I never had contact with these series before but after seeing the characters interacting with one another it really sparked my interest, which in my opinion is one of many aspects that can make a crossover really great.

The game itself is your standard Poker Game, on a difficulty rate, each characters is programmed with a unique gameplay style and tells, if you play Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands 2 you will get an exclusive character customization item for both games after a certain objective is reached.

Would I recommend it to you? Only if you like poker or REALLY want those character customization items.

3. Typing of the Dead Overkill / House of the Dead Overkill

I really enjoy a good zombie game, from Dead Rising’s vast list of potential weapons and huge hordes to Lollipop Chainsaw’s cheerleader versus zombies inspired by rock and roll and it’s sub genres.

I never played House of the Dead outside an arcade, I usually played it for a while and moved on to play something else because I didn’t wanted to waste more money on the same game, I wanted to buy a copy so I could play on the computer but when I checked Steam I only saw the Typing of the Dead, so I kinda gave up for a while until I saw the House of the Dead gameplay with the Steam Controller and read it was available inside the Typing of the Dead, I felt like an idiot and put on my wishlist.

I haven’t finished the game yet, and I probably will play House of the Dead only because a notebook’s keyboard is not the best one for it, but so far I’m really enjoying it.

Would I recommend it? I’d say yes if you enjoy the series and on rails shooters in general, especially if you can find guns similar to the ones used in the arcade version.


This year’s Summer Sale wasn’t the best for me, In previous years I bought at least one game pack, that included at least 4 games or so while this year I bought one 3 games, one of them, Typing of the Dead, containing all DLCS, part of the reason why this years sale wasn’t so rich in variety is due to my upcoming life, I’m saving money so I could enjoy it as much as I can, speaking of said event, you may noticed I added a milestone countdown on the blog’s menu, when said countdown reaches zero I will make a video and upload it here explaining everything.