Enrico Sposato vs Toronto – Episode 1: 1 day away

I’ve been rather busy with the preparations for my trip so I didn’t have all the time in the world to upload stuff over here, so yeah I’m one day away from my flight.

“How are you feeling Enrico?”

Pretty fucking great, yesterday my friends threw me to a farewell party, I have no words to describe how amazing everything went, those fellas are amazing and the night was one of the best I’ve had in quite a while.

My family is both excited and a bit sad about my departure, which is understandable considering I’ve been a huge part of their past 18 years and I’m going to stay away for quite some time, not to mention I’ll stay away for my birthday so it’ll be the first birthday they will miss, we’ll probably have an early celebration today so they won’t be left out on the “party”.

As for me mentally, I’m doing great, the only things I feel like I will miss about Brazil is my family and my friends, other than that I will be able to survive there just OK, well at least that’s the Pre-Flight me talking, I have no fucking idea how will things go there, people say I will miss the food or I will miss something about my culture, but frankly I don’t think I will miss it that much.

My breifcase and my backpack are both packed with everything I need, if there’s anything more I need I’ll probably get it there because it’ll probably be 10 times cheaper than it’d be over here, my mind is prepared for the changes and to learn new things, my fingers are ready to write and take pictures about this new adventure and my heart is ready to fall in love with every second I’m there.

Canada, prepare yourself, because I’m more than ready for you sweetie!


Enrico Sposato vs. Toronto (The big reveal)

Enough pointless teasing, let’s get straight to the point, I’ve been waiting for this for 8 years now…

I’ve always wanted to travel to somewhere outside of Brazil, see different cultures, interact with different people, try different things and all that, for years I wanted to study abroad or maybe just go on a trip on a weekend, well the time has finally come, 20 days from now I will travel to the city of Toronto in Canada.

Why are you traveling to Canada?

I’m going actually going there with the purpose because I’m going to take English classes to improve both my writing and my speech, I also wanted to go there so I could try to “find myself” because I honestly don’t know what to do after the trip is over.

Why did you picked Toronto?

Well I’ve always heard lots of great things about Canada, it was hard not to fall in love with the country, and when I saw it was cheaper to travel there compared to some other countries I knew what had to be done, I honestly would love to visit Canada by it’s entirety but since this will be a mixture between tourism and study I had to pick one location, the reason why I picked Toronto? well I kinda became obsessed with it after reading the Scott Pilgrim books, watching the movie, playing the game and after I’ve did a little research about the city itself, it seemed like very nice, very diverse and over all a very fun place to travel to.

Enrico Sposato vs. Toronto will be a series of posts and quite possibly videos I’ll upload here and on YouTube as much as I can, I want to show an outsider’s view on things he couldn’t experience otherwise, I want to make the best out of this travel, I’ll take this opportunity to become a better person, to have as much fun as I can, to learn as much as I can and so on…

That’s it for the first post in this series, I will post more updates about the trip as soon as it approaches, if you have any tips for an international travel or on things to do in Toronto let me know in the comments!