A post about my controller.

When it comes to gaming people have different opinions about their favorite method of controlling the game, the answer is always up to personal preference, some people like using a keyboard and mouse because it’s more precise while others prefer using a controller because it’s more comfortable and fits well in your hands.

My answer is usually a controller, but after experiencing many controllers over the years, I narrowed the answer to one specific controller, my modified Dualshock 4

So what’s so special about it?

Well first let me talk about the unmodded Dualshock 4, Compared to previous Playstation controllers, the Dualshock 4 has 2 new features added to it, a touch pad and a headphone jack, two features that can are very useful, the headphone is self explanatory, while the touch pad it’s a hit or miss, I only heard people saying it’s used as a novelty PS4 games while on PC you can assign all sorts of commands to it.


You can assign a directional pad to the left pad to control volume by touching or pressing certain positions while the right one you can assign as a command wheel, which I find really useful.

I’d like to see the speaker and the LEDS on the controller being used on PC on a similar fashion they’re on the PS4 but that’s just a minor thing.

Now let me talk to you about the little modification I’ve made to it, the Xbox One elite controller analog sticks, I simply love them, Microsoft congratulations on the Elite controller you guys nailed it on those features, while my controller doesn’t have trigger stoppers, an interchangeable D-Pad or the back paddles, the analog stick change was simply wonderful, not only can I change them to whatever situation I feel it’s the best but they also added a bit of weight to the controller, I only noticed this small difference when I went over to my great-aunt’s house and played with my cousins regular DS4 while they tested out my modded one.

I feel that changing the analog sticks was necessary, the original ones on the DS4 weren’t very good, and I feel like changing the analog sticks is a better than using one of those Kontrol Freek analog extenders, of course that’s only my opinion if you prefer using them I respect your opinion.


Was this blog post an excuse to show off your controller?

Actually I made it to test how a YouTube video would be featured in it, I plan on using this feature soon so I thought about the easiest post I could make and turns out the answer was in my hands this whole time.

I don’t own a PS4, but having this controller opened up a few doors to me, I improved my aiming in a lot of games thanks to it, whenever a family event happen I can bring my controller so we can play together, I can use any pair of earbuds with microphones instead of the shitty microphone my laptop has.

Would I recommend you to use a DS4 and/or mod it similar to what I did to mine?
Honestly it’s up to you, maybe you prefer using keyboard and mouse on PC and consoles, maybe you like using an Xbox controller, maybe you enjoy a third-party controller, maybe you enjoy how DS4 feels, maybe you would rather have a Kontrol Freek, I could go on for many paragraphs so I’ll try to make this short:

Every soldier has their weapon of choice, whether you like to use a rifle or a shotgun it’s up to you, as long as you use it well and feel comfortable with it, you’re ready for the battle.