A post about my controller.

When it comes to gaming people have different opinions about their favorite method of controlling the game, the answer is always up to personal preference, some people like using a keyboard and mouse because it’s more precise while others prefer using a controller because it’s more comfortable and fits well in your hands.

My answer is usually a controller, but after experiencing many controllers over the years, I narrowed the answer to one specific controller, my modified Dualshock 4

So what’s so special about it?

Well first let me talk about the unmodded Dualshock 4, Compared to previous Playstation controllers, the Dualshock 4 has 2 new features added to it, a touch pad and a headphone jack, two features that can are very useful, the headphone is self explanatory, while the touch pad it’s a hit or miss, I only heard people saying it’s used as a novelty PS4 games while on PC you can assign all sorts of commands to it.


You can assign a directional pad to the left pad to control volume by touching or pressing certain positions while the right one you can assign as a command wheel, which I find really useful.

I’d like to see the speaker and the LEDS on the controller being used on PC on a similar fashion they’re on the PS4 but that’s just a minor thing.

Now let me talk to you about the little modification I’ve made to it, the Xbox One elite controller analog sticks, I simply love them, Microsoft congratulations on the Elite controller you guys nailed it on those features, while my controller doesn’t have trigger stoppers, an interchangeable D-Pad or the back paddles, the analog stick change was simply wonderful, not only can I change them to whatever situation I feel it’s the best but they also added a bit of weight to the controller, I only noticed this small difference when I went over to my great-aunt’s house and played with my cousins regular DS4 while they tested out my modded one.

I feel that changing the analog sticks was necessary, the original ones on the DS4 weren’t very good, and I feel like changing the analog sticks is a better than using one of those Kontrol Freek analog extenders, of course that’s only my opinion if you prefer using them I respect your opinion.


Was this blog post an excuse to show off your controller?

Actually I made it to test how a YouTube video would be featured in it, I plan on using this feature soon so I thought about the easiest post I could make and turns out the answer was in my hands this whole time.

I don’t own a PS4, but having this controller opened up a few doors to me, I improved my aiming in a lot of games thanks to it, whenever a family event happen I can bring my controller so we can play together, I can use any pair of earbuds with microphones instead of the shitty microphone my laptop has.

Would I recommend you to use a DS4 and/or mod it similar to what I did to mine?
Honestly it’s up to you, maybe you prefer using keyboard and mouse on PC and consoles, maybe you like using an Xbox controller, maybe you enjoy a third-party controller, maybe you enjoy how DS4 feels, maybe you would rather have a Kontrol Freek, I could go on for many paragraphs so I’ll try to make this short:

Every soldier has their weapon of choice, whether you like to use a rifle or a shotgun it’s up to you, as long as you use it well and feel comfortable with it, you’re ready for the battle.


Steam Summer Sale 2017, my experience.

I love me a sale, and I’m sure you do too, whether they’re on electronics, clothing or something we can’t help but feel excited about purchasing something that used to cost quite a few pennies for half the price or more,  there’s probably a scientific explanation on why we enjoy it so much, but I’m not here to bore you with scientific facts, I’m here to bore you by talking video games!

Steam sales are probably the biggest sales when it comes to digital media, anything that’s still relevant and wasn’t released so recently is there, with discounts varying from 10% off to 90% off, with huge variety of titles from the 1980’s to today you couldn’t possibly resist the savings.

Ok Enrico, stop building up to whatever you want to talk about and just say it.

My experience on the summer sale this year probably wasn’t the greatest, limiting myself to the 15 BRL that was already on my virtual wallet, I only bought 3 games, out of a 185 wishlist, I think my choices this year weren’t the best, that doesn’t mean the games I bought completely suck, it means I could’he bought them in a different time on a different sale, so without further ado, I’ll talk about my purchases this year.

1. Zuma’s Revenge

I’m a sucker for puzzle games, I love playing Tetris and Bejeweled, so Zuma was a must buy without a doubt, I played it years ago on a friend’s house and we got addicted to it rather quickly, For years I had that game on the back of my head, always remembering the gameplay but not it’s name, that is until it randomly popped up on the Discovery Queue, so I purchased it on this years sale and now I’m addicted to it again…

Would I recommend it? If you enjoy playing puzzle games Zuma is definitely a must have!

2. Poker Night 2

I really want to play Sam & Max games and watch the Evil Dead series and Venture Bros. I never had contact with these series before but after seeing the characters interacting with one another it really sparked my interest, which in my opinion is one of many aspects that can make a crossover really great.

The game itself is your standard Poker Game, on a difficulty rate, each characters is programmed with a unique gameplay style and tells, if you play Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands 2 you will get an exclusive character customization item for both games after a certain objective is reached.

Would I recommend it to you? Only if you like poker or REALLY want those character customization items.

3. Typing of the Dead Overkill / House of the Dead Overkill

I really enjoy a good zombie game, from Dead Rising’s vast list of potential weapons and huge hordes to Lollipop Chainsaw’s cheerleader versus zombies inspired by rock and roll and it’s sub genres.

I never played House of the Dead outside an arcade, I usually played it for a while and moved on to play something else because I didn’t wanted to waste more money on the same game, I wanted to buy a copy so I could play on the computer but when I checked Steam I only saw the Typing of the Dead, so I kinda gave up for a while until I saw the House of the Dead gameplay with the Steam Controller and read it was available inside the Typing of the Dead, I felt like an idiot and put on my wishlist.

I haven’t finished the game yet, and I probably will play House of the Dead only because a notebook’s keyboard is not the best one for it, but so far I’m really enjoying it.

Would I recommend it? I’d say yes if you enjoy the series and on rails shooters in general, especially if you can find guns similar to the ones used in the arcade version.


This year’s Summer Sale wasn’t the best for me, In previous years I bought at least one game pack, that included at least 4 games or so while this year I bought one 3 games, one of them, Typing of the Dead, containing all DLCS, part of the reason why this years sale wasn’t so rich in variety is due to my upcoming life, I’m saving money so I could enjoy it as much as I can, speaking of said event, you may noticed I added a milestone countdown on the blog’s menu, when said countdown reaches zero I will make a video and upload it here explaining everything.

Random Thoughts #3 Things to come, stars, zombies easter eggs, the blog.

Things to come:

Why are you being so secretive about what’s going to happen?

Trying to build some hype around it, I know to some of you this won’t be so amazing but for me it’ll be the experience of a lifetime, kinda wish it’d last a lifetime but it’ll only last 2 months, I’m excited either way.

One of the confirmations I needed for it arrived, I shall wait until I receive the other ones, but at this point I can guarantee it’ll most likely happen.

To any of my close friends who are reading this, the celebration is still on, what we’ll do is still undecided but I’m sure that your presence will make it amazing!


I grew an obsession of staring at stars, yeah I know this is pretty random, but this is random thoughts, I can say whatever random thing I want, anyway, I think this probably began a few years ago, I live on an apartment complex in the city, so usually when I look up into the sky I don’t see too many stars, only a few if none because it’s so cloudy.

But there’s one place that is 100% guaranteed that there will be a load of stars there, and that’s at the countryside house me and my family visit on occasions, I remember just laying down at the slide and staring into the night sky, you can see the moon, the stars and on sometimes you could even spot falling stars there, I spotted at least two on my stay there but I’d sure love to spot more.

What’s so special about looking at a sky full of stars?

To me the magic is just letting your mind loose, you can just lay down, relax and think about all sorts of things, the future, the past, the present, things that are logical or illogical, the sky is the limit, and you have tons to explore with that amazing view.

Black Ops Zombie’s Easter Eggs

So recently I’ve been playing Black Ops III on the PC, and I have to say, those Easter eggs are hard as hell, it took forever to find some players so I could redo the Shadows of Evil Easter egg, I had to redo it because the summoning never appeared in my menu after the Zetsubou No Shima update, I did both Der Eisendrache and Zetsubou no Shuma Easter egg on solo and I’m having a hard trying to finish Gorod Krovi one, and I’ll probably have the same trouble with Revelations.

So far the only maps I haven’t completed their Easter Egg quest were Ascension, because it’s reward was pointless, Buried, Origins and the previously mentioned Gorod Krovi and Revelations.

Hopefully I can finish them soon, that thing is starting to give me a headache.

My thoughts on the blog

I don’t upload as much as I would like to on the blog, lack of content is not something I was expecting to suffer here, but then again I’m not the most interesting person in the world.

Regardless of the lack of content I must say thanks for everyone that visits the blog, I wasn’t expecting to have visitors from all around the world, I was expecting only my Brazilian friends who speak English to actually read all of this stuff, but no, I had visitors from the United States, from Canada, from Germany, from Romania and from the United Kingdom, so thanks everybody, I appreciate the views and I hope you enjoy the content featured here.

A “dead” game’s last breath?

Hey guys, I wanted to make this post for a while now, because it’s actually something that I have a lot of passion for, a game that I really enjoyed for a while and wish I could play it again, you can even consider it an honorable mention on the 5 game that are very  special to me,  I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way about it, but anyway the game I’m talking about is Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game.


Why do I want this game to make a comeback? There are only two, but I made sure to pack them full of info, and they are:

1. The series author wants to bring it back.

Author Bryan Lee O’ Malley, creator of Lost at the Sea, Seconds, and of course Scott Pilgrim, mentioned once in his Twitter that he would do whatever was at his power to bring the game back, but he needs time, meaning that he, along with the fans, really want this game to make a come back.

I would suggest my readers to not bother Mr. O’ Malley on the matter, the guy only created the graphical novels, not the game nor the movie, he did have a close involvement with their creation, he’s doing what he can regarding the re-release.

2. The game itself

Man, talk about a fun game, I believe besides some flash game I’ve played on the internet when I was young, this was my first arcade style side-scroller beat’em up, the game is beautiful, the sprites were inspired by the graphic novels, made by Paul Robertson, who  later on made the sprites for Mercenary Kings;
Music wise, we have to thank Anamanaguchi for the amazing soundtrack, I occasionally catch myself listening to Another Winter and Rock Club, in fact I’m currently listening Another Winter.

Going around Toronto with Scott, Ramona, Stephen and Kim (also Wallace and Knives if you bought their DLC or the Ultimate Edition) beating up some guys and gals contracted by the League of Evil Exes, only to defeat one of the 7 Evil Exes at the end of stage, each character has their own attacks and special moves, from Ramona pulling a random weapon out of her Subspace Suitcase to Kim sneezing a fireball like projectile, the game had a fun combat system, I’ve never had the experience of playing this game with an arcade stick but I can imagine how good it must be, each character has it’s unique ending to the game, giving the game some re-play value, while I unfortunately haven’t gotten a chance to play this game with 4 people, neither through online nor through guests, but I can imagine playing this with friends would be very fun.

The game was filled with references to the graphical novels, the movie, gaming and even to places in Toronto, references such as:
Being able to pay Scott’s Late Fees for $540.25, on Volume 5 of the books after defeating the twins Scott earns an achievement for defeating them simultaneously and the game contains an achievement/ trophy with this exact description.
Mario styled blocks in a Rainbow Road inspired Subspace Highway,  in-game stores with a similar looking layout to those found in River City Ransom, items named as Speedy the Porcupine, Never-ending Fantasy, Energy Tank that are references to Sonic the Hedgehog, Final Fantasy and the Mega Man energy tanks.
In level one you will find two stores, one named Delicious Cup and the other Dee’s Tex-Mex; they are a reference to Second Cup Coffee Co. and Sneaky Dee’s Tex-Mex restaurant.


It is unfortunate that the game was only available through the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live’s store, It was quite a successful game among those who played it prior to it’s de-listing at the end of 2014.

Is there still hope for the game? In my opinion that is a yes, look at Deadpool, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the Telltale Back to the Future, Bayonetta on PC and among other games,  Deadpool and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 were taken off from both online services but made a comeback on PS4, Xbox One and on PC, a place that Marvel vs. Capcom 3 hasn’t been released; the Back to the Future game has been re-released on PS4 and Xbox One to celebrate Back to the Future day and on Bayonetta’s case, I believe they re-released it because the fans demanded for it.

If I had to point a finger towards who could bring this game back from the limbo it’d be either Ubisoft or Universal, In 2013 when spoken on the topic of releasing the game on PC, one of the Mercenary King’s developer mentioned that it’d only be possible if Ubisoft were up to it, and Universal because Mr. O’Malley mentioned that the game was a movie tie-in and that neither of them made a lot of money.

Will we ever see the game again? Only time will tell us what answers await us, let’s just hope they bring this game back to current-gen consoles and for the PC.

The reasons why I decided to play on the PC

Oh so he’s one of those “PC MASTER RACE” douchebags…

No, I do play on PC but that doesn’t mean I have a superiority complex like some other members of the PC gaming community…

Alright, your opinion will be heard, what’s your reason for playing on the computer?

Well, so far I’ve only played games on a Vostro 5470, it may not be a power house, but this baby used to pack quite a punch, It ran some modern games such as Grand Theft Auto V, Dead Rising 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops III on very minimum specs compered to the actual minimum recommended, It never looked that good but it ran quite fine, for a while, after some time they couldn’t run as fine, Grand Theft Auto V for example had problems loading the map, every time you accelerated a Super car to a certain speed, the road simply disappeared followed with some frame drops.

Sadly for me I’ll still be hanging to it, so I won’t be able to play games I’ve been really looking forward to play such as Fallout 4, Doom (2016) , Resident Evil 7, NieR: Automata, Black Ops III’s DLC: Zombie Chronicles, among other games; the reason for that being that it costs a small fortune here in Brazil to built a decent gaming computer.

Ok, that’s a decent story related to your hardware, but what’s the reason you play it on a PC?

Well there are only three reasons and they are:

1. Steam


Ah Steam, you’re a the most lovable and yet most cruelest of mistresses when it comes to PC gaming,

Why is it lovely? Well Steam is a wonderful service to use, it’s simple it has all sorts of games available for purchase, a lovely interface to find new games based on your and your friend’s interests, you can interact with the community to find guides, strategies, controller configurations among other features.

Why is it cruel? 1 word dear reader: SALES, so many sales, the prices are amazingly low, it’s so good, they occur so often you just can’t help yourself and buy a game or two or a bundle with a couple of games for a very low price, if you don’t have enough self control they are quite a temptation.

 2. Controller Support


Just because you play on the computer it doesn’t mean that you’ll be stuck playing with the keyboard and mouse, there are so many alternatives , the most common controllers used is the Xbox 360 one, but you can play with so many others, you can play with a PS3 one, a PS4 one and if you’re crazy enough, you can even get things like a Guitar Hero controller, a third party retro controller such as an Atari one, hell, you can even use bananas wired to a circuit board as a controller, every mercenary has his own tool for the job, and being able to pick the one you prefer for it is always nice.

3. No subscription required to play online

The current line of console all have their own subscription based program that will allow players to play the games they own online, them being the Xbox Live, PlayStation Plus and pretty soon the Nintendo Switch Online Service, once a month you’ll be able to get a free game from them and whatever other bonus they offer, PC on the other hand ,besides subscription based games, you won’t need to pay an extra to be able to play online with your friends, which in my opinion is how it should be, I had both the Wii and the PS3 and you didn’t needed to pay extra to pay online, so my best alternative was really to move on to computer gaming.


Do I hate console gaming? Absolutely not, they’ve played a huge role on my gaming experience over the years, and in fact they still play a part of it in the present, whenever I go to my friends or family’s house, we usually sit down and enjoy playing on the PS4, we have tons of fun doing so, I even own a PS4 controller, even though I don’t own a console, I use it to play games on both the computer and on the PS4 with them.

So whatever your gaming platform of choice is, game on and remember to respect your fellow gamers!