Random Thought #4 My notebook, Week at the countryside, Life event update.

My notebook

I’ve owned a Dell Vostro 5470 for around 3 years now, I decided to buy it for two reasons, the first one and most important one is that I needed a tool for study and possibly work, the second reason is that I wanted to play games with it; purchasing this model in specific was probably one of the worst purchases I’ve ever made.

It can’t be that bad…

Considering I had to request for technical support 3 times and only one of those was truly my fault, it was REALLY bad, once I unboxed the device and proceed to turn it on I couldn’t help but notice it already had a problem, a dead pixel, but it really didn’t bother me because it could be “fixed” as it would become invisible depending on the angle.

The first real trouble arrived a couple of weeks later, my mother borrowed my notebook to access her bank, she installed a bank software that for some reason made the computer perform much slower then usual, after many failed attempts of killing the software I decided to the most “logical” thing there was, formatting the computer, Pro tip never format a computer when you have no fucking clue what you’re doing, I ended up accidently corrupting my Windows installation, and since the notebook didn’t came with a software repair USB device I had to call Dell’s technicians, the technician handed me the device I needed and taught me how to use it, after this hellish I never downloaded a bank software on my computer again.

Problem number two arrived a year later, due to a poor connection between the motherboard and the monitor, the screen started to flicker often and all of the colors it would display turned into a shade of red, a guy came fixed it and I thought it was all fine and peachy until it happened again, on the same week, but now instead of the colors being a shade of red they were all a shade of green, fucking ace…

So now comes my current problem, the charger plug inside the notebook is busted and won’t charge it unless it is on a specific position, not to mention the screen flickering came back AFTER the warranty expired, goddammit, so what did we learn today kids?

Don’t buy this hunk of junk? Take better care of your stuff? Be smarter when you buy something you plan to game on?

Yes, yes and yes, to my defense back then I had no idea how to properly build a computer and basically thought any GPU would be enough to run any game, man was I stupid…

Week at the countryside

I just wanted to say how much I love staying at the countryside with my family, it’s been a while since the last time I spent a week there, it was all very relaxing, while yes I’m more fond of the urban lifestyle rather than the rural one, I must admit a change of pace is something perfect from time to time, for instance, normally my entertainment would consist of things related to the internet, but there, I could play a board game with my cousins and great aunt, stare into the stars, have a long conversation about random stuff, walk to a nearby waterfall, replay Scott Pilgrim vs. The World on your cousins PS3 and wish the game was rereleased, go to the nearby city and drink milkshakes and so on.

While some of the things I’ve mentioned aren’t urban exclusive it’s something very different than what I’m used to, I’m always glad to see their excitement seeing me, someone who is barely present in their lives due to the lack of opportunity, so guys, I don’t know if you read my blog or not, but I want to thank you for everything, I hope we get to see each other more often because I love spending every second of my day with y’all!

Life event update

Turns out I gave the wrong date of when it’ll happen and when it’ll end, sorry folks who care and/or are curious about what’s going to happen, the big event will happen on September 9th and it’ll end on November 15th, I have almost everything prepared for it, I haven’t been this excited about something in quite a while, so it better be as amazing as I wish it was, I hope time flies so it can start faster and that it’ll slow down as soon as it does, anyway that’s enough news for today, hope you enjoyed the usual random non-sense, See ya!


Snack Time #2 Homemade Nutella brigadeiro recipe

What’s a brigadeiro?

I’m glad you asked, a brigadeiro it’s a popular Brazilian sweet, they’re easy to make and it tastes really good, they’re very common on birthday parties over here.

Today I was kinda bored and wanted some sweets, so I decided to make a couple of brigadeiros, but instead of doing the regular chocolate ones I decided to make Nutella, and they taste AMAZING.

Here’s how you make a Nutella Brigadeiro

You’ll need :

  • Half a bar of dark chocolate
  • 1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 150g Nutella
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • Sprinkles

Put all of the ingredients, except for the sprinkles, on pan on low heat, mix them all up, you’ll notice that after sometime, the mixture will start to thicken up, once you notice it isn’t sticking to the pan anymore you’ll need to move your mixture to a plate and let it cool off.

Once it cools off put a bit of butter on your hands and make little balls with the mixture you just made, if the mixture is still a bit soft to mold the balls put it on a fridge for a couple of minutes, shower them with sprinkles and they’re good to eat.

Here’s how they look like, not pictured my happiness and the other plate full of them.


Side note: If the mixture isn’t consistent enough to roll them up into balls, you could put it on small plastic cups, or a bowl, and eat it with a spoon, sprinkles are optional on this one.

Hope you enjoyed this little treat, do you have your own twist to the recipe? Did I do a poor job explaining it? be sure to let me know.