The reasons why I decided to play on the PC

Oh so he’s one of those “PC MASTER RACE” douchebags…

No, I do play on PC but that doesn’t mean I have a superiority complex like some other members of the PC gaming community…

Alright, your opinion will be heard, what’s your reason for playing on the computer?

Well, so far I’ve only played games on a Vostro 5470, it may not be a power house, but this baby used to pack quite a punch, It ran some modern games such as Grand Theft Auto V, Dead Rising 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops III on very minimum specs compered to the actual minimum recommended, It never looked that good but it ran quite fine, for a while, after some time they couldn’t run as fine, Grand Theft Auto V for example had problems loading the map, every time you accelerated a Super car to a certain speed, the road simply disappeared followed with some frame drops.

Sadly for me I’ll still be hanging to it, so I won’t be able to play games I’ve been really looking forward to play such as Fallout 4, Doom (2016) , Resident Evil 7, NieR: Automata, Black Ops III’s DLC: Zombie Chronicles, among other games; the reason for that being that it costs a small fortune here in Brazil to built a decent gaming computer.

Ok, that’s a decent story related to your hardware, but what’s the reason you play it on a PC?

Well there are only three reasons and they are:

1. Steam


Ah Steam, you’re a the most lovable and yet most cruelest of mistresses when it comes to PC gaming,

Why is it lovely? Well Steam is a wonderful service to use, it’s simple it has all sorts of games available for purchase, a lovely interface to find new games based on your and your friend’s interests, you can interact with the community to find guides, strategies, controller configurations among other features.

Why is it cruel? 1 word dear reader: SALES, so many sales, the prices are amazingly low, it’s so good, they occur so often you just can’t help yourself and buy a game or two or a bundle with a couple of games for a very low price, if you don’t have enough self control they are quite a temptation.

 2. Controller Support


Just because you play on the computer it doesn’t mean that you’ll be stuck playing with the keyboard and mouse, there are so many alternatives , the most common controllers used is the Xbox 360 one, but you can play with so many others, you can play with a PS3 one, a PS4 one and if you’re crazy enough, you can even get things like a Guitar Hero controller, a third party retro controller such as an Atari one, hell, you can even use bananas wired to a circuit board as a controller, every mercenary has his own tool for the job, and being able to pick the one you prefer for it is always nice.

3. No subscription required to play online

The current line of console all have their own subscription based program that will allow players to play the games they own online, them being the Xbox Live, PlayStation Plus and pretty soon the Nintendo Switch Online Service, once a month you’ll be able to get a free game from them and whatever other bonus they offer, PC on the other hand ,besides subscription based games, you won’t need to pay an extra to be able to play online with your friends, which in my opinion is how it should be, I had both the Wii and the PS3 and you didn’t needed to pay extra to pay online, so my best alternative was really to move on to computer gaming.


Do I hate console gaming? Absolutely not, they’ve played a huge role on my gaming experience over the years, and in fact they still play a part of it in the present, whenever I go to my friends or family’s house, we usually sit down and enjoy playing on the PS4, we have tons of fun doing so, I even own a PS4 controller, even though I don’t own a console, I use it to play games on both the computer and on the PS4 with them.

So whatever your gaming platform of choice is, game on and remember to respect your fellow gamers!

My opinion on Soccer/Football

He’s a Brazilian of course he likes soccer/football!

Actually, no, I don’t like soccer/football at all…

Still bitter about the World Cup?

I’ve never been, most other Brazilians were pretty upset about it, I laughed so much that day, I was playing Black Ops II while my family was busy watching the match at the living room, even while wearing headphones and with the door closed you could still hear the game and people screaming at the window, I remember I lost it when I heard someone yelling “BAD TEAM” of course it was in Portuguese.

Ok so when exactly did you started disliking the sport?

To be honest, I don’t have a specific date to mark on the calendar, I remember having to play it so many times over the years just to complete a team, and suck at it, while everyone else was having fun or taking it more to a competitive side, I was rather bored.
Soccer/football is something unavoidable here, everywhere you go you’ll hear people talking about last night’s game, how amazing that one player is, how superior [Insert team name here] is and how awful [Insert team name here] is, and so on.

I live on an apartment complex, so wanting it or not you’ll know when someone scores on the game, the reason being the noise, you’ll hear people screaming “GO [Insert team name here]” SUCK IT [Insert team name here]”, using air horns, vuvuzelas, cars horns and whatever they can use. While I’m not sure everywhere in the country is like this, I wouldn’t doubt it considering how big of a thing it is around here.

Video game wise, I’m not sure why FIFA and PES are still being released yearly, the only difference between them and their previous version is a bit of a graphical difference, some changes regarding to the team and occasionally a new feature, this argument can be made about any yearly released game like Call of Duty or sports games.

I’ve went to a stadium at least twice in my life, one of them was to watch a match with my cousins, and the other one was to watch a Foo Fighters concert with them,
Can you guess which one I had more fun going to?
If you guessed watching the game you clearly haven’t been reading this in the right order.
I’m not gonna lie, I’ve fun watching the game with them, not because of the actual game, but to the company I was with,  I cheered with them, it’d feel awkward being the only one not to, plus I wanted to make them happy knowing that I was having a good time with them, In the end the team they were rooting for won, hooray, at the end of the night we went to a burger joint to eat something, whether it was a celebratory thing or because we were really hungry, we may never know, or care in fact, on that day I’ve discovered that even if you’re doing something that you’d consider boring, the right company can make that experience really enjoyable.


Is there anything wrong with liking the soccer/football? absolutely not, you can enjoy playing it or watching a match as much as you want, if you’re having fun doing so that’s all the matters, just because we’re into different things that doesn’t mean I won’t respect you as a person.
There’s still one question that bothers me to this day, If I don’t like soccer/football as a sport or as a video game, why the hell do I enjoy Rocket League so much?

Movie night!

♪♫ Let’s all go to the lobby, let’s go all to the lobby, let’s all go to the lobby to get ourselves a treat ♫♪
Finally a use for that music anyway, Hello everyone, this post will be about my thoughts on a few of my favorite movies I’ve watched over the years.

1. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World


Let’s get the easy target out of the way first, I really love this movie, they did a good job adapting 6 books into a movie, yes there are many differences between the two, including the absence of some characters, adding new things to the story while replacing some previously existing ones, everything was so shortened even the course of the story was, in the books Scott took a couple of months to actually defeat the League of Evil Exes while the movie was only a few weeks the experiences are different, differences aside, both of them good in their own merit, I’m really glad I’ve watched this movie, it introduced me to this amazing series that will never be forgotten by me.


2. Her


I really loved watching that movie, the love between human and OS [Operating system] was a bit weird at first but after a while it felt like watching a real long-distance relationship between two people, I fell in love with Samantha, her character was built with so much love and care it’s impossible to not feel like there’s an actual person by Theodore’s side during the whole movie.
As a concept for future technology, it isn’t far off,  having a multi-platform OS with a personal assistant like Samantha is already a reality with Windows 10 and Cortana and MacOS/ IOS and Siri, while neither of them are quite as advanced as Samantha,  I can imagine Microsoft and Apple are trying to perfect them in manner it’ll be pretty similar to what we’ve seen in the movie, excluding of course the whole romantic interaction.

3. Hardcore Henry


A video game movie done right, and it’s not even based on a game so they really nailed this one, I’ve never seen a movie that actually had a first person perspective before it never really felt out of place, the point was the mimic the gameplay of a FPS and it certainly feels like it, added with the violence and the parkour it makes the movie a very enjoyable ride if you aren’t a fan of violent movies, you should stay clear of this one, It felt like watching a over an hour long cutscene, an amazing cutscene but still…
Watching this made me want to play a violent FPS, too bad my laptop can’t run Doom (2016).


Looking back at those movies they really have a few things in common with one another, it’s kinda funny drawing some similarities to completely none related movies, I guess this is how people do those movie theories you see online, I highly recommend watching these movies, you may or may not enjoy these, but as the saying goes, different strokes for different folks, whatever the case is I hope you enjoy the next movie you watch and let me know if you have any recommendations for a next movie night!




5 games that are very special to me.

Took you long enough to make a post specifically about video games, that’s probably the only thing we’ll see in this stupid blog right?

I appreciate your sarcasm dear reader, and my answer to that is no, there will be a vast variety of content here I’ll post here, I’m just taking the easier ones out of the way first.
Our lives are defined the things we do and experience, whether it is for the best or for the worst that’s for you to decide.

The following list is based on the games that managed to change my life in one way or another, I’ve arranged it in chronological order with a single rule, only one game per franchise, if I hadn’t done it I’d be here for at least three days trying to elaborate it:

1. Super Mario World


The first things in life are always the ones that will stick with you, your first love, your first job, and so on.
While Super Mario World wasn’t technically the first game I’ve ever played, it was the first non-pc game I played, I remember going to my childhood friend’s house and just being there until late at night playing this game, I used to suck A LOT at it, at first I only played the level Yoshi’s Island 2 while my friend played all the other ones, after that I went through the “I’ll keep on going to the Top Secret Area until I have 99 lives” phase, and after a long time I got better and eventually finished the game, on a SNES emulator on the PS2, it didn’t run as smoothly as it would on an actual SNES or a PC emulator, but I did it anyway, thanks to this game, my passion for gaming was born.

2. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock


Well this was a hard choice, why? because I’ve played most of the Guitar Hero games and enjoyed them in different ways, I had to settle between 2 games, it was either this one or Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, so why did I picked this one?
I loved it’s story, it was simple, stupid and funny, you join a band, go on gigs with them, sign a contract with a manager who happens to be the devil, find out you sold your soul to him, and battle for your soul in hell;
I loved the soundtrack, it had so many different genres of rock and metal, many of those songs are still among my favorites;
I loved the Battle Mode, I loved the characters, I loved the fun I had with my family and friends thanks to it.
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, along with the other installments in the series, greatly influenced on my music preference to this day, yes I’m open minded to music, but if I had to pick any genre over the others, it’d be Rock for sure.

3. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


I remember doing so many random things in this game, like climbing on top of the Los Santos Tower spawning a random vehicle and driving off the building trying to survive, customizing sports cars and low riders, seeing how long I’d survive with a high wanted level at the beginning of the game by flying off to another city, I’m still not sure how many times I’ve finished the game, I’m pretty sure I did it at least 2 times
As mentioned in my previous post, this game had a huge influence on my English today, so I can’t thank it enough, this was also my first M rated game, even though I shouldn’t be playing at that age, my first sandbox game, the first game I’ve played with cheats and the first game I’ve played with mods, I guess when it comes to video games, you can say Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was a cherry popper game to me.

4. Call of Duty: Black Ops (Zombie Mode)


Am I cheating by picking up a specific game mode for a specific game? Not really, zombie mode was the only thing that made me interested in Call of Duty to begin with, I remember going with my mom to her friends’ house and playing with them on the Xbox 360, I’ve never played a FPS before so of course I sucked at it, I wasn’t having that good of a time, that is until we started playing the zombie mode, I still don’t know why, but at that moment I fell in love with the game mode, maybe it was the fact that the game was co-op instead of a competitive multiplayer? maybe it was the fact that it was the first survival game mode I’ve played? I’m not sure what it was, but one thing was sure, I loved it, I remember even buying it for the Wii, yes I had the most inferior version of the game, and later on at the PS3 and PC, It was the first game I’ve played online, I’ve done the Easter Eggs on all of the maps, with the exception of Ascension, because it wasn’t worth the effort, I still remember Call of the Dead and Moon like the palm of my hand, I hated Shangri-La and Five, and loved playing the classic World at War maps.
Overall this game opened many door to me, such as the interest in zombie culture, co-op games and online multiplayer games; to this day I’ll only purchase Call of Duty games released by Treyarch because of their Zombie mode.

5. Bioshock Infinite

This game made me realize that video games can be more than just mere games, they can be art, I don’t care if anyone says otherwise, The graphics are beautiful, the story is amazing, the world they created feels real, while the game is a bit linear in terms of gameplay, you can actually see a bit of their culture and how flawed the citizens of Columbia are, which is great, even in their supposed Utopia there are flaws because they are only human and by no means perfect, the interaction between Booker and Elizabeth is something quite real, there are happy moments, there are sad moments and some quite dark moments, I could go on and on about how much I love this game.


Taste is something rather subjective, I could say something is great while you could say it isn’t all that, but in the end, these are the things that could change people’s lives, you can find out a lot about yourself by experiencing something you may not enjoy, these are the things that helped you become who you are today, whether it is a song, a movie, a book, a game or something else, you should always try something new, they may change your life in someway or another

Self-taught English.

If you know me in person you may know the fact that I’ve never went to any English school in my whole life, I never actually planned any method of study, I just did what I normally do to have fun and learned it in the progress.

So, how did you do it and how long was the whole process?

Self-teaching in my experience was quite easy, it worked out just fine to me, I’ll tell 3 little stories of my experience throughout the years.

The first contact

I first had contact with the language when I was very little, I remember going to the american Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network websites to play games, even though I didn’t understood anything I was still there exploring, I also remember doing something very stupid when I was little, My family had two of those satellite TV boxes at home, one for my bedroom and the other one at the living room, I used to turn on both TVS at the same channel to watch the same cartoon, one playing the original English version and the other one playing the Brazilian Portuguese version, So I kept running from room to room trying to understand what the characters were saying, the only cartoon I remember doing this to was Bob the Builder, yes this strategy was very stupid, but considering the simplicity of the whole show, it worked great, I got a few words out of it and never really used them at that point in life because no one I knew spoke English.
Meanwhile at pre-school we used to learn simple words in English, you know things like animals, fruits and some objects. At that point English was something new to me so I was as dumb as every other student in class.

The second phase

My passion for games increased with every passing day, on 2006’s Christmas I got a PS2 as a gift from my family, it was my second console ever but for a while I considered it the first one, The PS2, while being is kind a few years old, is still a big thing here thanks to piracy, you could get a game or more for R$ 10.00, compared to an original that can cost from a minimum of R$ 70.00 and a maximum of R$ 200.00, I had a variety of games for my console thanks to that, but I was still young so I mostly had games based on cartoons and movies, that is until I’ve got a copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, yes I was younger than the target audience, but I knew the difference of what’s right and what’s wrong and the difference between game and reality so I went on ahead and started playing it, thankfully the game contained Portuguese subtitles, and with that the second phase begun, paying attention to the game’s audio and the subtitles, after that game was over, I started playing the other ones with English subtitles and two handy tools by my side if I ever needed them, a translator website and a dictionary.

The third strike

After many years of doing the previously stated procedure to movies, games, cartoons and websites, I finally began to understand more of the language without the need of subtitles, I could watch a video online and understand it just fine, everything is going great.
2011’s came and I got a PS3 from my mom, I still remember my first 2 games for the system, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record and Call of Duty Black Ops, I got both games because of the passion I have for zombie games, I played a lot of it, had tons of fun, Then one day, one of the guys I met online convinced me to get a Bluetooth headphone so we could chat while we play without pausing or anything, sure, I thought to myself, a few weeks later I went shopping with my family and I picked up one along with a HDMI cable, a few hours past and I got it working, it might have been the first time I ever spoke English, and it was pretty good, the guy could understand me just fine and we had a blast playing.
I’ve met a lot of international players on my gameplay sessions, Americans, Canadians, Australians, Mexicans and many other people from different places, I practiced my English more and more with every match we had, a few of them even thought I was American because of my accent, looking back at that memory, I smile every time, meaning all the time I spent having fun, I’ve learned something useful with it and didn’t just waste it.

The Conclusion

Well that’s about it for my story, would I recommend this learning method? Well if you’re up for the challenge I don’t see why not, as long as you pay attention to every small detail, leave no stone unturned on your quest, read all the books you can, play any game you can, watch the things you love in another language, yes it may take a while, a LONG while in fact but if you think you can handle the heat, go for it, a new world awaits you.


A brief introduction to the blog.

Hello everybody, I’ve decided to make a blog so I could share my thoughts and experiences to the world.

“Why don’t you just share it on your Facebook account Enrico?”

Because I want to do something more personal, something that whenever someone wants to know a bit more about me, they would know the place, Also I made this blog for a special occasion that will happen very soon in my life, so stay tuned for that!

“What are you going to post on the blog?”

Good question, and every question demand a good answer, right? Well you see, I’ve never done anything similar to this before, I want to post all sorts of different things here, things that are close to my heart or that I feel the need to share with the world, so expect content about past, present and future adventures, gaming related stuff, movies, series and cartoons I’d like reminisce or just recently experienced, thoughts on random things and so on, so don’t be surprised if one day I talk about food and the other I talk about a book, search for a specific category if you’re not interested in the others.

“Why is your logo similar to the Scott Pilgrim one?”

I’m a big fan of the series, I’ve watched the movie countless times, read the graphic novel and played the video game, I really miss the game and wish they’d re-release it on the current generation consoles and PC.

“Why the fuck is this blog in English?”

Well, because I want to reach an wider audience with my content, if you can’t understand it, sorry for making you use a translator.

So I guess that’s pretty much it for the first post, hopefully you’ll enjoy reading the future ones, I’ll see you guys around!