Enrico Sposato vs. The Brazilian Army (A.K.A. The Fall and Rebirth of my Hair)

Have you ever looked at something and thought to yourself “Man I really did made the right choice”? Recently I’ve been looking at myself and thinking this exact thing, my hair has been growing probably since September, I wanted to let it grow for quite some time now but sadly couldn’t do it because I had “military duties” I had to attend.
So on today’s post I’ll talk about my army enlisting experience and the story of the fall and rebirth of my hair.

Enlisting in the army isn’t a military duty Enrico, what are you talking about?

Well my dear non-Brazilian reader, here in Brazil it’s mandatory for every Brazilian men to enlist in either the national army, the navy or air force on the year of their 18th birthday, If you don’t there are a few consequences attached to it, like not being able to get a passport, In most cases people who don’t want to join the one of those divisions are discharged on their first interview, I had to cut my hair and shave so that my forehead, neck and chin are visible, and I really, REALLY hate having short hair.

What’s so bad about having short hair? It’s such a popular hair style with guys nowadays.

I don’t have anything against short hair, I know people that look great with it, but here’s the thing, I don’t feel comfortable with it and I definitely don’t look good with it, especially when combined with a clean shave, it feels weird, people who wear glasses regularly may relate to this, it’s kinda like when you take your glasses off and you,or someone, thinks you look a bit off without them, I feel exactly how I feel having short hair.

I still remember the initial reactions towards my haircut, my girlfriend at the time did her best to cheer me up even though we both didn’t liked the way it looked, one of my friends took a few minutes to find me in the school’s hall even though I was sitting really close to him and my other friends were a bit shocked by the difference.

I wasn’t discharged on the first interview, months passed and they kept pushing me towards the other phases until I ended up on the selection phase, I was getting a bit worried, most of my friends were discharged already and my other friend, who actually wanted to join the army, told me that it was going to be pretty though, without other options I had another haircut as I waited for my fate to be revealed.

The day was dark and it was drizzling outside, I was afraid of the unknown,
thankfully my experience in there was quite pleasant, I only saw one case of soldiers being rough to a guy but it was because he failed to follow orders without complaining.

The soldiers were friendly towards me, only instructing me on where to go and explaining how the process would work, when it came to the selection itself I got discharged during the medical exam, they asked me if I had any sort of handicap, though I wasn’t sure if it would be considered one or not, I told them about surgery I’ve had in both hands and showed it to them, after a few looks they asked me if I wanted to join the army, I said no, after that they lead me through the steps of being discharged, on the outside I was emotionless, but on the inside I was filled with joy.

I went to the stadium that they asked me to go and was assigned a line to wait on, after what I think it was an hour we entered the stadium and sat down, we only had to sing the national anthem and make a vow that we would always protect our country and never betray it, the usual pleadging alliance stuff you expect.

After all that was done, I made a promise to myself, I promised the next time I went to a barbershop I would only shorten my bangs, the year passed, I graduated from high school, my girlfriend broke up with me and I was down emotionally for probably 2 months until I’ve recovered it, the special event I keep mentioning over and over was just an idea brewing on my mind, I was still at the process of getting my drivers licence while still letting my hair grow.

It was probably on may that I finally went to the barber, my bangs were already covering my eyes and it was really annoying to live with, after I think it was the first time in many, MANY years that I was actually happy about the final result.

Currently my hair is slightly short on the front and while the back and top are full of hair, before this I think I’ve only heard a single compliment about my hair, but now I got lots of it, people really liked the way it looks now, but what’s more important, I like the way it is.


It was quite a journey to finally get the hair I’ve always wanted, it really sucks that military service is mandatory in Brazil, it will probably stay this way for a while now, still, I’m glad it’s over now.

Was it worth going through all that and finally let my hair grow?

Good question, and I shall answer it in two parts.

Was it worth going through the whole enlisting process? Well it’s mandatory here so I didn’t have much of a choice on the matter, if it wasn’t mandatory I definitely wouldn’t bother going through all this, but since I was discharged I won’t complain.

Was it worth making this change? Absolutely, my change definitely wasn’t a common one, usually when you hear people making changes to their hair they usually mean dyeing it,let their natural curly hair grow, shaving it and so on, I wasn’t sure if mine was worth mentioning, I was afraid people may think the post is boring, but I did it anyway…

Why is that?

Because I know there’s someone out there who wants to make a change to their life and may be afraid of it due to some challenges in their path, whether it is because their parents are opposed to the idea, being afraid of the reaction others will have to it, a military obligation similar to my case, or some other thing, before going through this change one thing must be on your mind, the final result. Is this change going to be healthy for your life? Do you think this change will make you happier? If both answers are yes, you should definitely give it a try, maybe your new look will grow on people similar to what happened with me, maybe it won’t, what truly matters is that you’re happy with it.



A post about my controller.

When it comes to gaming people have different opinions about their favorite method of controlling the game, the answer is always up to personal preference, some people like using a keyboard and mouse because it’s more precise while others prefer using a controller because it’s more comfortable and fits well in your hands.

My answer is usually a controller, but after experiencing many controllers over the years, I narrowed the answer to one specific controller, my modified Dualshock 4

So what’s so special about it?

Well first let me talk about the unmodded Dualshock 4, Compared to previous Playstation controllers, the Dualshock 4 has 2 new features added to it, a touch pad and a headphone jack, two features that can are very useful, the headphone is self explanatory, while the touch pad it’s a hit or miss, I only heard people saying it’s used as a novelty PS4 games while on PC you can assign all sorts of commands to it.


You can assign a directional pad to the left pad to control volume by touching or pressing certain positions while the right one you can assign as a command wheel, which I find really useful.

I’d like to see the speaker and the LEDS on the controller being used on PC on a similar fashion they’re on the PS4 but that’s just a minor thing.

Now let me talk to you about the little modification I’ve made to it, the Xbox One elite controller analog sticks, I simply love them, Microsoft congratulations on the Elite controller you guys nailed it on those features, while my controller doesn’t have trigger stoppers, an interchangeable D-Pad or the back paddles, the analog stick change was simply wonderful, not only can I change them to whatever situation I feel it’s the best but they also added a bit of weight to the controller, I only noticed this small difference when I went over to my great-aunt’s house and played with my cousins regular DS4 while they tested out my modded one.

I feel that changing the analog sticks was necessary, the original ones on the DS4 weren’t very good, and I feel like changing the analog sticks is a better than using one of those Kontrol Freek analog extenders, of course that’s only my opinion if you prefer using them I respect your opinion.


Was this blog post an excuse to show off your controller?

Actually I made it to test how a YouTube video would be featured in it, I plan on using this feature soon so I thought about the easiest post I could make and turns out the answer was in my hands this whole time.

I don’t own a PS4, but having this controller opened up a few doors to me, I improved my aiming in a lot of games thanks to it, whenever a family event happen I can bring my controller so we can play together, I can use any pair of earbuds with microphones instead of the shitty microphone my laptop has.

Would I recommend you to use a DS4 and/or mod it similar to what I did to mine?
Honestly it’s up to you, maybe you prefer using keyboard and mouse on PC and consoles, maybe you like using an Xbox controller, maybe you enjoy a third-party controller, maybe you enjoy how DS4 feels, maybe you would rather have a Kontrol Freek, I could go on for many paragraphs so I’ll try to make this short:

Every soldier has their weapon of choice, whether you like to use a rifle or a shotgun it’s up to you, as long as you use it well and feel comfortable with it, you’re ready for the battle.

Steam Summer Sale 2017, my experience.

I love me a sale, and I’m sure you do too, whether they’re on electronics, clothing or something we can’t help but feel excited about purchasing something that used to cost quite a few pennies for half the price or more,  there’s probably a scientific explanation on why we enjoy it so much, but I’m not here to bore you with scientific facts, I’m here to bore you by talking video games!

Steam sales are probably the biggest sales when it comes to digital media, anything that’s still relevant and wasn’t released so recently is there, with discounts varying from 10% off to 90% off, with huge variety of titles from the 1980’s to today you couldn’t possibly resist the savings.

Ok Enrico, stop building up to whatever you want to talk about and just say it.

My experience on the summer sale this year probably wasn’t the greatest, limiting myself to the 15 BRL that was already on my virtual wallet, I only bought 3 games, out of a 185 wishlist, I think my choices this year weren’t the best, that doesn’t mean the games I bought completely suck, it means I could’he bought them in a different time on a different sale, so without further ado, I’ll talk about my purchases this year.

1. Zuma’s Revenge

I’m a sucker for puzzle games, I love playing Tetris and Bejeweled, so Zuma was a must buy without a doubt, I played it years ago on a friend’s house and we got addicted to it rather quickly, For years I had that game on the back of my head, always remembering the gameplay but not it’s name, that is until it randomly popped up on the Discovery Queue, so I purchased it on this years sale and now I’m addicted to it again…

Would I recommend it? If you enjoy playing puzzle games Zuma is definitely a must have!

2. Poker Night 2

I really want to play Sam & Max games and watch the Evil Dead series and Venture Bros. I never had contact with these series before but after seeing the characters interacting with one another it really sparked my interest, which in my opinion is one of many aspects that can make a crossover really great.

The game itself is your standard Poker Game, on a difficulty rate, each characters is programmed with a unique gameplay style and tells, if you play Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands 2 you will get an exclusive character customization item for both games after a certain objective is reached.

Would I recommend it to you? Only if you like poker or REALLY want those character customization items.

3. Typing of the Dead Overkill / House of the Dead Overkill

I really enjoy a good zombie game, from Dead Rising’s vast list of potential weapons and huge hordes to Lollipop Chainsaw’s cheerleader versus zombies inspired by rock and roll and it’s sub genres.

I never played House of the Dead outside an arcade, I usually played it for a while and moved on to play something else because I didn’t wanted to waste more money on the same game, I wanted to buy a copy so I could play on the computer but when I checked Steam I only saw the Typing of the Dead, so I kinda gave up for a while until I saw the House of the Dead gameplay with the Steam Controller and read it was available inside the Typing of the Dead, I felt like an idiot and put on my wishlist.

I haven’t finished the game yet, and I probably will play House of the Dead only because a notebook’s keyboard is not the best one for it, but so far I’m really enjoying it.

Would I recommend it? I’d say yes if you enjoy the series and on rails shooters in general, especially if you can find guns similar to the ones used in the arcade version.


This year’s Summer Sale wasn’t the best for me, In previous years I bought at least one game pack, that included at least 4 games or so while this year I bought one 3 games, one of them, Typing of the Dead, containing all DLCS, part of the reason why this years sale wasn’t so rich in variety is due to my upcoming life, I’m saving money so I could enjoy it as much as I can, speaking of said event, you may noticed I added a milestone countdown on the blog’s menu, when said countdown reaches zero I will make a video and upload it here explaining everything.

A letter to my future self.

What’s this post all about Enrico?

Just me wanting to get somethings off my chest, it ain’t nothing too silly or too serious either, I just wanted to do something different for a change, but considering this blog is too random I’m not sure if this would be different or something to be expected honestly.

Since I really can’t guide my past self through life, I might ask to my future self what’s up and try to give myself a motivational speech or something similar.

Hello Enrico, it’s me, you, well actually a younger version of yourself but I’m sure you understood that on the first attempt, how are you doing today? hopefully you’re doing fine, I’m doing quite well, I have a driving exam and preparations for August are almost over.

By the time you’re reading this the big event is already a pleasant memory of the past, We both know how excited you were for it, I really hope it as wonderful as you wished it would be, after all you’ve been dreaming about that moment for so many years.

Are you still calling yourself Slayer? If so we can safely say some habits never truly die, they only evolve, whether it’s for the best or for the worst we’re the ones who can truly say so, did you finally built project Dominique? we both know how much you wanted to play on something better than the fucked up Vostro 5470 you’re using right now.

How was college life? what course did you study? Was it the ones you wanted since the beginning or did you decided to study something else? regardless of what you picked, I’m sure you gave your best shot and will nail it, if you’re reading this before you completed it, be strong, I know it’ll be tough but you can do it.

Hopefully your lazy ass start posting more often on the blog, you really wanted to do this but the lack of content really consumed you at times, but i think by now you probably have a lot more to say about your life and stuff.

I wonder how much did we changed from one another, we’ve been always changing after events in our lives, mostly because of the people we’ve met, they can really change our perspective on things, whether it’s a good thing or a bad one it’s up for debate, change is inevitable after all.

Well I don’t really know what else to say to you, because, well, you know I’m more of a listener rather than a speaker, hopefully this changes over time. anyway, don’t let life run you over, greatness awaits us, at least I hope it does, but I’m sure you’ll make the best out of any situation life throws at you, and I truly hope you’re happy wherever you are.

I expect an answer 5 to 10 years from now.


My dreams can be compared to a cartoon or a tv series with no inter-arching plot and completely different genres of episodes throughout its run, from ones I’m flying by doing a front crawl swimming motion, to running away from a demonic Barney the Dinosaur and killing it with a shotgun.

This post will be about 5 strange reoccurring things that happens in my unconscious mind.

1. Tasting dream food.

I don’t remember how many times this happened before, but I’m sure it was more than once, I can recall what probably was the first time this happened to me, I was a little kid I had a dream that I was on the back of my mom’s car with her and my grandma, she went on a McDonald’s and got me some Chicken McNuggets, I have no clue why I was able to taste it, and even less of a clue on why they ordered Chicken McNuggets considering I liked their french fries better at that age.

I think the same thing might have happened a few years ago when I dreamed about eating some pepperoni pizza, and woke up craving for some, which kinda sucks because pepperoni pizza is probably on of the most expensive flavors in our local pizzerias.

2. Weird ways of waking up.

Sometimes my dreams have an ending scene, even rarer are the endings that I wake myself up

I remember waking up on many different ways over the years, I already slapped myself awake from a nightmare, screamed at my brain to wake me up, running and jumping on my bed and merging with another version of me that’s sleeping in it, zooming out of the scene, slowly waking up by the alarm clock music intruding my dream, crying myself awake, killing whatever monster my brain put me against this dream, so on.

3. The dream within a dream.

You remember when you have the wonderful dream and someone or something woke you up? It sucks right? what’s going to happen in the love story that your dream set you up? what was that one character going to say to you before you woke up?

What if you could go back to sleep and dream about the ending of that story? what if you never woke up? Yes you never woke up, your brain just put you in a dream where you woke up from another dream, how cool is that? not at all? yeah I agree with you.

Oddly enough the Chicken McNugget dream was a dream within a dream, other cases usually involve me waking up but I see myself in third person and I don’t realize I’m in a dream until I wake up for good.

4. Dream’s locations

This one is, rather weird, when I’m sleeping at someone’s house there’s a huge chance that good portion of my dream would take place in that house.

When I was studying, i used to dream a lot about vacations and just simply being outside of school, while when I was on my summer vacation I had dreams that mostly took place in one of the many classrooms I’ve studied over the years.

Sometimes my dream can be kinda like the Black Ops III zombie maps Revelations, because there are so many unrelated locations linked together by a strange reason.

5. Lucid Dreams

Being in control of your dreams is something rather rare, but fun to do once you realize you’re actually dreaming.

I once read that sometimes you’ll look different in your dream so try to look out for a defining feature everytime, usually for me it works the best when I look at my hand, in real life i have scars in both of them, so often when I’m dreaming, there will be no scars.

But even though I’m in control sometimes things aren’t as awesome as they can be, no no no, sometimes instead of just ending my suffering from a nightmare I try to defeat whatever haunts it with my new found powers, sometimes you’ll defeat it, other times you won’t be able to scratch it because the creature is too powerful.

I remember one time being “stucked” on a lucid dream, you know you’re there, you’re in a bad situation you try to get out and nothing works, you try to get an escape to a better realm in your subconscious world, try to get a weapon to defeat what torments, but whatever you do nothing works.

Kinda odd that most of my lucid dreams are nightmares, but at least is nice to take control of it every now and agaim and save yourself from trouble.

In conclusion:

Our brains can be pretty fucked up when it comes to dreams, they can give us something fun, something sexy, something messed up, something completely nonsensical, these things being based on the things you love, the things you fear and the things your brain said it should happen like:

“Wouldn’t it be funny if you were scare you by waking you up in your house but instead of your family you saw people with purple sandwiches for a head? Because that’s what’s going to happen!” Enrico’s brain on what was probably his first nightmare ever.

Most of the dreams and nightmares i mentioned in this post were real, although in real life i wouldn’t be afraid of the source material, they somehow ended up being terrifying when I went to bed…

Sweet dreams!

Snack Time #3 All you can eat Mexican lunch

Mexican food again Enrico?

Yes but this time it’s really Mexican food and not Tex-Mex, So yeah I was actually invited by a group of friends to have lunch on a restaurant called Yucatán, we had discount vouchers so we could have their all you can eat lunch, so the price pretty good, if it weren’t for that I think we’d have paid 50 bucks each, plus the drinks.

So what did I had this time?

Let’s start with the drink, today I’ve had my first Daiquiri Cocktail, I really wanted to try one before, this weird craving started with the perk Deadshot Daiquiri on Black Ops zombie mode, most characters commented that the drink tasted really good, the second strike was a friend of mine, she mentioned how wonderful it tasted and that I should really try it.

So what’s in it? Rum, lime juice and sugar.
Was it everything I hope it’d be? I didn’t know what to expect at first, so I tried it and felt the familiar taste of lemonade with a bit of a kick to it, and I loved it for that, had two of those drinks and I enjoyed every sip of it.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-16 at 3.19.25 PM

After our drinks arrived, the next thing that came to our table was a bowl of nachos and some dip, that included guacamole, sour cream, salsa, bean paste and later we had some with chili,  we really enjoyed the nachos, so much so that I think we had 3 bowls (We really lost count).

Also pictured are the Taquitos, little tortillas wrapped with meat or cheese.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-16 at 3.19.24 PM

This right here was my first non fast food taco, if I can recall it correctly I had a chili taco, with meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onions and the chili itself, it was the second taco I’ve ever had, but one thing is certain, it’s at least a hundred times better than the one I had at Taco Bell.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-16 at 3.19.28 PM(1)

And the final item we ordered was the burrito, I ate a steak burrito and a pork one, the previous burritos I’ve had were the really tiny and looked like spring rolls for some reason, this one however looked more like the real deal, and it taste just like it looks.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-16 at 3.19.28 PM

We also had some quesadillas and little taco bowls, the picture quality was very poor so I decided to let them out of the post, but I can assure they tasted quite good.

Final Thoughts

This restaurant was really great, the food was amazing, the drink was pretty damn good, and the atmosphere was pretty simple yet nice looking.

As a gamer I thought it was kinda funny going to a restaurant that has a similar name to my favorite casino in Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record and to drink a daiquiri after being teased by Deadshot Daiquiri.

This place was pretty great overall, if you happen to be in Brazil, whether you’re a traveler or you actually live here like I do, give this place a try, I’d recommend going with a group of friends and/or family with a voucher you purchased beforehand.