Enrico Sposato vs. Toronto – Episode 5: A load of stuff and a load of nothing

Today’s my birthday, and I’ll celebrate it alone… Hooray, I’m a bit dead and sad inside but let’s just pretend I’m alright and tell you guys what I’ve been doing this week…

I went to Casa Loma, holy shit that place is beautiful, and huge, I was there for probably 2 hours, sadly I didn’t know about the city pass so I ended up paying 27 bucks for the entrance…

I ate in so many different places this week… I went to the galeria next to my school and had an amazing korean spicy chicken, I went to Five Guys and had definitely one of the best burgers I had in my life, for fries,or rather poutine, Smoke’s is a must go I had a Hogtown poutine there and he was great.

Have you went to Tim Hortons yet?

Have I? At least twice and I’m definitely going there again soon, I can see why you Canadians like it so much, it’s good and cheap, I had the regular Ice Capp and a Maple Donut on the first time and on the second one I had a Smores Iced Capp and a Blueberry muffin,

Apparently a lot of people are surprised with my English, which is really funny to me, right now I got off from a bus and had a quick exchange of words with a local girl, when I mentioned the fact that I’m from Brazil she said “You don’t have an accent”, and I got that A LOT this week, which is kind of amazing…

What about school? Done something interesting there?

Yeah I had a blast with my classes, grammar was a bit boring but it’s something that’s necessary,and the folks at the class are pretty chill, as for my listening+speaking classes it was amazing, we had classes about humor and sarcasm, which was really neat, I had to do a presentation about Improv humor, I basically ad-libbed the whole thing and talked about “Rixty Minutes” by the end of the presentation, talking about one of my favorite episodes from my favorite show, I loved it,also one of the classes that are a level below us had to interview us about various subjects, such as cyberbullying, piracy and technology affect in our lives, which was something really interesting and filled my mind with questions about said topics…

Right now I’m going to the Toronto Islands, just gonna have a pleasant time and walk around there, maybe even ride a bike for a few hours, so I’ll boost an update later, hopefully.


Enrico Sposato vs Toronto – Episode 4: Lost boy and first day of class

Have you guys seen the picture I took near the CN Tower yesterday? Yeah I was completely lost that message wasn’t just an inspiring text or whatever, I was seriously lost.

Thankfully the nice Canadian people pointed me to my destination, which reminds, Canadians are so fucking nice and polite, I wish I could put them in a box and bring them back with me to Brazil, the world could use more people like these…

Today was my first day at Capital English Solutions, they ranked me at the high intermediate level and between yesterday and today, I’ve heard the phrase “your English is amazing” in so many different ways it would take me forever to write everything down here, it’s so perfect that people may think I’m from Canada since they told me “You sound like a native speaker” which I can’t help but feel amazing about it…

I’ve tried a lot of stuff we don’t have them back in Brazil so I’ll list them right now

Crunchy Jalapenos Cheetos, they taste very different from their Brazilian counterpart and that’s a good thing

7 Eleven 7 Up Slurpee, maybe I started with the wrong flavor, I didn’t really liked it that much, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t perfect.

Arizona Chocolate Fudge Sparkling Soda, officially one of the weirdest drinks I’ve ever had, I didn’t liked it after the first sips…

Wendy’s Baconator, Poutine and Cherry Cream Soda; haven’t had a combo this perfectly served in my WHOLE life, I loved the meal especially the Cherry drink because I remember HATING cherry oops I had before, If I had a hat I’d take it off for you Wendy.

Peanut Butter M&M’s, not as good as the Crispy ones but definitely taste AMAZING.

Coffee Crisp, imagine a single KitKat rectangle but larger and with coffee, loved it

Starbucks Frappuccino (glass bottled drink) i didn’t know these things existed, I really enjoyed it

That’s it for now I’ll update you guys more tomorrow.

Enrico Sposato vs. Toronto – Episode 3: My first flight and my first thoughts on Toronto

Hooray the Instagram thing worked, I wasn’t sure if it would or not but I’m happy that it did!

Why is it so sad to say goodbye? It was kinda hard saying goodbye to my family with feeling a bit emotional about it, they on the other hand felt really destroyed, my mom and my grandma cried a lot on the ride back home, at least from what I’ve heard.

I’ve boarded the plane around 7:40 and we departed at 8:00 something pm, the flight was really great, I wasn’t sure about what to expect at first but the moment I we took off I felt AMAZING, I recorded the whole thing, I’m not sure if I will be able to upload everything like I wanted to but I will try to make a “best of Enrico Sposato vs. Toronto” whenever I arrive in Brazil.

The only thing that really sucked about the flight is the fact that I couldn’t fall asleep, I’ve only had a few hours naps and that was it.

The house I’m staying is really great, the family is so sweet and so are the other students who live here, I barely know them but I love them already.

I walked into a small convenience store and fell in love with the variety of things that they offer over here, there were SO many things I just drooled at everything, I end up buying a can of Monster Rehab, the Tea + Lemonade one, and the all seasoned Ruffles, my thoughts? holy shit were they good, I think next time I would order another monster flavor other than Rehab, because I’m not really into Tea, but the all seasoned chips were amazing, I’m kinda sad that they don’t have them back home…

I’m still not sure if I’ll do anything else on day one, but I can tell one thing right away, Toronto is so beautiful… I’m falling in love with it even more.

Also everyone thinks my English is pretty great sooooooo yeah I’m really happy about it!

Enrico Sposato vs. Toronto – Episode 2: Flight Night, Fright Night?

Note to future self, see if WordPress has any Instagram support because I will upload photos and videos there often, right now I’m on my bed and my shitty laptop is on my carry on bag,which I don’t plan to open so soon.

Anyway yeah today is the big day, my thoughts thus far? Well I’m feeling a little nervous about it, I’ve never traveled on an airplane before and never traveled internationally so I don’t know the whole process like the back of my hand, but I feel like it’ll be just fine as long as I don’t get lost in the airport.

Yesterday me and my family had pizza to celebrate both my trip and my birthday, it was a sweet gesture and I can’t thank them enough about everything…

I guess I’ll see you guys on the other side of the world, goodbye for now!

Enrico Sposato vs Toronto – Episode 1: 1 day away

I’ve been rather busy with the preparations for my trip so I didn’t have all the time in the world to upload stuff over here, so yeah I’m one day away from my flight.

“How are you feeling Enrico?”

Pretty fucking great, yesterday my friends threw me to a farewell party, I have no words to describe how amazing everything went, those fellas are amazing and the night was one of the best I’ve had in quite a while.

My family is both excited and a bit sad about my departure, which is understandable considering I’ve been a huge part of their past 18 years and I’m going to stay away for quite some time, not to mention I’ll stay away for my birthday so it’ll be the first birthday they will miss, we’ll probably have an early celebration today so they won’t be left out on the “party”.

As for me mentally, I’m doing great, the only things I feel like I will miss about Brazil is my family and my friends, other than that I will be able to survive there just OK, well at least that’s the Pre-Flight me talking, I have no fucking idea how will things go there, people say I will miss the food or I will miss something about my culture, but frankly I don’t think I will miss it that much.

My breifcase and my backpack are both packed with everything I need, if there’s anything more I need I’ll probably get it there because it’ll probably be 10 times cheaper than it’d be over here, my mind is prepared for the changes and to learn new things, my fingers are ready to write and take pictures about this new adventure and my heart is ready to fall in love with every second I’m there.

Canada, prepare yourself, because I’m more than ready for you sweetie!